Community Art Mural & Public School Residency

The Wish Wall Mural project was a collaboration with Lucy McMullen's 4th grade class at the Graham & Parks Alternative Public School and those with interest from the Cambridge/Somerville neighborhood in Massachusetts. The seventeen fourth-graders and interested community members ultimately created a conceptual wall mural on side of the Thistle & Shamrock Convenience Store, at the corner of Walden and Richdale Streets in Cambridge.

Each person wrote a personal wish on one brick of the wall, then painted over it. Among other things, this pair of actions references graffiti writing, the concealment or erasure of unwanted graffiti, and the folk belief that keeping a wish secret ensures it will come true. Seven in-depth classroom discussions at Graham & Parks School addressed topics relevant to the project: conceptual art; urban wall painting, graffiti, and murals; and the nature of hope, secrets and wishing. The project is fully documented on the website

Kelly Sherman