Print Series Released with Center Street Studio

I just finished signing the last of what was a technically challenging series of woodblock prints, published with the expertise of Center Street Studio and the studio's master printer James Stroud. The series of five reduction woodcuts, each titled Brides, uses figures taken from the pages of bridal magazines. In each image, a bridal figure—simplified into a silhouette—is pictured right side up and again upside-down. From these iconic bridal figures and their enigmatic shadows emerge complex shapes and abstracted objects: Rorschach inkblots, islands, ghosts, phalluses, nuns, and swans. The bride figures become decorative, object-like, serial, and as mute as the white of the paper. Indeed the primary white figure of each print is created from the white of bare paper, the negative space of the woodblock. My interest in the bride symbol is driven by contemporary culture's broad objectification of brides and by the reverence of this very same objectification. The work engages topics of beauty, femininity, objectification, and cultural expectation, as well as struggles of personal identity.

Kelly Sherman