Essay by Maggie Jacobstein

The ICA: Conjuring the Space Between
Essay by Maggie Jacobstein

Maggie Jacobstein, a student in Harvard Graduate School of Education's Arts in Education program, uses my work at Institute of Contemporary Art to examine "the relationship between the museum visitor, art, and the physical space of a museum." She sees the relationship as "one which could mirror the active role that viewers play in the 'making of' conceptual art." Her essay titled, The ICA: Conjuring the Space Between, can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

The ICA: Conjuring the Space Between by Maggie Jacobstein

"The wonder that I felt about the people behind Kelly's art is parallel to the wonder that I feel towards the ICA's overall structure—where are the visitors' voices that could make this space intriguing? Where does the inspiration for the space, and art, come from? In both cases, I know it comes from somewhere—it is just not transparent immediately. I think that for the building, as well as Kelly's art, the sense-making comes when the visitor makes his or her own connections—thus, bringing the abstract spaces to life."

Kelly Sherman