Design Strategy at Continuum

For the past year I've been working as a Design Strategist at Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy. Continuum is comprised of design strategy, brand experience, and product innovation experts who create design solutions that lead to profitable business innovation. We work on interdisciplinary design teams to help business leaders recognize opportunities, identify breakthrough ideas, and then make those ideas real. My clients so far have been diverse: a credit card company, cell phone service provider, a fork-lift manufacturer, a hotel chain, and even in one case, the environment. Each project starts with interviewing and observing people using standard (and sometimes not so standard) ethnographic practices. The project team then takes all the research back to the studio to deconstruct, make sense of, and then use to inspire innovation. See Continuum's website to learn more about the work, process, designers, and our many clients.

Kelly Sherman