Social Intervention Performance Event at Madison Park Public High School

Kelly Sherman Performance still from  The Labyrinth, Madison Park

Kelly Sherman
Performance still from The Labyrinth, Madison Park

The Labyrinth, Madison Park
Madison Park Public School
Design Studio for Social Intervention

Labyrinth: Madison Park was social intervention on the grounds of Madison Park High School in Roxbury, Massachusetts, that took place during the opening week of school. The intervention took the form of a five-actor performance and was supported by community members who engaged the crowd in dialogue and distributed custom-made buttons. A thirty-foot pavement mural was left behind on the property as a remnant of the event. The intervention was conceived of during an intensive artist residency at the Design Studio for Social Intervention, in an extension of the Design Studio's ongoing anti-violence campaign. Leveraging the design research approach that I use as a Strategist at Continuum, I worked closely with a number of people deeply familiar with violence, the organization's staff, and a team of high school interns. The project was an experiment in merging art, social activism, and the design research process to address a complex social problem with integrity.

Kelly Sherman