Presentation with the Laboratory at Harvard

Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die
The Lab at Harvard
February 18, 2012

The Lab at Harvard presents Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die

Why innovate? Experience Economies will ask this very question on a participatory tour of Boston's innovation landscape. This multimedia and multi-venue event will bring audiences inside the doors of some of the most unique and visionary ventures, foundations, and research laboratories in the region, engines at the leading edge of the emergent innovation economy. Each stop has been paired with artworks, performances, presentations and other surprise events exploring innovation—how it is conceptualized, pursued and lived in Boston and Cambridge, now and historically. Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die will include presentations by myself, as well as artists Catherine McMahonMary Walling Blackburn, historian of science Jeremy Blatter, and a number of surprise guests. With thanks for the support of partners at the Berwick Research InstituteHarvard i-labContinuumBoston ArtScience Prize, and Industry Lab

ArtPapers review by Ruth Erickson, May/June 2012
"...Continuum, an "innovation consultancy company." This suburban office park meets hip design, where smart, young employees come up with novel ways for companies to sell stuff, tending toward the experiential, the environmental, and the performative. Kelly Sherman's and Catherine McMahon's projects played off these ideas. Sherman utilized consumer interview and research methods in order to engage a group of students in addressing teen violence. She used diagrams and Post-it notes to document the team-based process on large boards, masterfully mixing visual idioms of community activism, administration, and graphic design." 

Shift review by Elizabeth Tereshko, February 21, 2012
"The piece by Kelly Sherman was "recognized" by colorful post-its, a medium used in the brainstorming sessions and also in office culture... Ms. Sherman presents a work developed by applying innovation methods to the creation of an artwork addressing social violence in Roxbury. A cross-disciplinary project positioned at the confluence of art and innovation, Ms. Sherman's project traces the common "social turns" that both worlds have undertaken, emerging from studio and laboratory environments to address major social issues." 

Crimson review by Jay A. Drummond III, February 28, 2012
"Each stop on the Innovate or Die tour was meant to examine or critique the concept of innovation from a different angle... Kelly Sherman, artist and strategist at Continuum, showed posters detailing her collaboration with art teacher Aziza Robinson-Goodnight and the Design Studio for Social Intervention, a Boston social service group. Their project, Sherman explained, aimed to confront violence in the school system by creating a performance piece incorporating students' definitions of a "fight" and its causes."

Kelly Sherman