Residency at Nordisk Gästateljé

Studio view, Nordisk Gästateljé Photo: Joel Hurlburt

Studio view, Nordisk Gästateljé
Photo: Joel Hurlburt

Nordisk Gästateljé, Stockholm, Sweden
October – November 2013

I've been at the artist residency at Nordisk Gästateljé, working with the Stockholm arts community and Konstfack, Sweden's largest university college of arts, crafts and design. 

In an effort to make sense of my own multiple creative personalities (potter, conceptual artist, designer, etc.), my newest project, titled Strangers & Kin, explores the following question: What is at the core of all creative work, the common bond between makers? And what divides us into separate paths of making: art, craft, design, and the smaller factions within these larger categories? The project has given me license to repurpose the tools of Human Centered Design and Design Research to interview a wide range of creative people: painters, potters, actors, sculptors, street artists, industrial designers, and many more. 

Sincere thanks for the generous support of the Nordic Art Association, and deep gratitude to all those who have welcomed me into their homes and studios to be interviewed.

Kelly Sherman