Patient Translations

Patient Translations

Ink-on-paper panels that comprised part of a collaborative installation with sound artist Halsey Burgund, who created an accompanying recording booth, iOS app and website, which all allow the public to contribute their voices to the artwork, as well as listen to his evolving audio collage of music and voices.


Patient Translations is an audio and visual artwork about the experience of being a patient.

Interviews with individuals about their experiences with illness and healthcare was translated into two components of this collaborative installation. A physical artwork translates the stories into a universal narrative of illness and recovery, using phrases of text to capture the physical and emotional experience.

The recorded audio voices, combined with an ambient music track, have been composed into an audio artwork by sound artist Halsey Burgund. New stories and voices can be added by the general pubic via the Patient Translations iOS app, website, as well as the pictured recording booth.

This project was conceived as an interactive art installation for the Healthcare Experience Design Conference and was further developed for and installed at TEDMED. The work was generously commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mad*Pow, BostonCHI, and John Snow, Inc (JSI).