To Move

To Move (Ours. Mine.)

An artwork comprised of two prints, made from the same copper plate, both before and after it was manually defaced.


To Move (Ours. Mine.) is comprised of two lists of household items. Both prints were made from the same narrow copper plate. One print details the belongings of a couple. The other evidences many erasures. Describing the belongings of only one, this second list reveals an alteration of the original. Gray smudges stand in place of many missing items—lone evidence of where the copper printing plate was ground down.

Ultimately, To Move (Ours. Mine.) presents a narrative of a union disintegrated. The lists address the topics of unity, loss, heartbreak, memory, and even consumerism. This story of moving—moving in and moving out—is told only through the material items the characters own, through which objects they share, which they keep, and which they lose. It is a simple approach to depicting a complex topic: two stark lists relate the strain and emotion of love lost.

Publisher: Center Street Studio